Wednesday, 22 February 2017


I’m Danielle, and I’m a student studying Advertising and PR at North East Scotland College. This blog will be linked to my course so stay tuned for regularly updates throughout upcoming weeks.

The Question? Can digital media make or break a beauty campaign.

The point of this blog is to look further into past and present campaigns that have made a memorable impact. In today’s age, Digital Media has taken over the way companies campaign their products. Vloggers and Bloggers seem to have taken over viewer’s thoughts towards products and really seem to influence their audiences buying habits.

Digital Media can be either a make or break for a campaign. Social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can give companies a bad reputation because of the lack of control of what people say online. People twist campaigns and find every little negative thing they can to take the campaign down to tomorrows headlines.

So why choose Digital Media as part of your marketing plan?
Digital media increases the company’s brand recognition to a wide market base. In reality, companies seize the opportunity to do this because sharing or retweeting a post is free advertising for their campaign whilst hitting a large audience demographics. It’s the most up to date media platform and gives an opportunity for companies to interact between the customer and the brand.

Overall, this blog will include future posts about various campaigns dealing with the pressure of the digital media world. Will it be a make or break?

Lets start off with Benefits launch of the ‘they’re real! Push-up gel eyeliner’ back in 2014. The new product claims to ensure one quick swipe would last all day. The build up to the launch date for this product was massive. This was the first time anyone had heard of this new way to achieve the perfect liner, and Benefit almost garneted you would achieve the perfect cat flick with it!

The ‘They’re Real’ sequel continued from Benefits well known ‘They’re Real Mascara’ so people expected a great product already. The mascara was known to lasting all day and keeping the same curl to your lashes as it had when it was first applied. Benefit released the ‘They’re Real MakeUp Remover’ around the same time to help with the removal of the long lasting product.

Benefit sent out the new liner to You Tubers and Bloggers to hype up the product before the release date. Waiting lists were building up and Bloggers and YouTubers were continuing to hype the product on their social media sites such as Shaaanxo, Saudibeautyblog and emtalks blog. Even online news websites were on the band wagon!

Since the eyeliner has been released, Benefit has introduced new colours to suit the new modern makeup trends. Benefit has always been seen as quite a quirky and different makeup brand when it comes to packaging and new products. Lets hope they continue to release more quirky and fun products in the future.

Overall, this particular campaign chose the correct use of digital media for the release of their new product. It built hype and is still a well known product today.

If you are interested in buying any products mentioned above, click the link here to be directed straight to Benefit's website!

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  1. But this product was RUBBISH - the worst eyeliner I have ever used in my life. What about when customers - not bloggers - got their hands on it and realised that actually, they had been sold a load of hype, and a complete dud? Do you think there's a risk that brands who rely heavily on social media campaigns can get hit with a backlash in a public arena? (And watch your spelling, please!)

    1. I agree that brands who do rely on social media are taking a risk however it does build hype in the market. People do have different opinions on makeup products and bloggers do hype up the products alot! Brands especially Benefit deal with public negativity well as people still see the brand as something they would spend money on