Wednesday, 22 March 2017


Let's have another look at a beauty subscription boxes. Subscription boxes are becoming a more popular way to try new beauty, skincare and tools/accessories in the beauty world. But are these subscription boxes just a dud?

Glossy Box
The idea of the Glossy Box is to firstly select your beauty plan. This basis around what products you’re most interested in, so you will ‘never receive a product you won’t use’.  At the end of ever month, GlossyBox will send out your box so it's something to look forward to at the end of the month.  Plus if you share your feedback with GlossyBox, you will gain ‘GlossyDots’ which add up to a free GlossyBox. The subscription service costs £10 monthly + £3.25 P&P.

GlossyBox seems abit of a hit or miss right? Every month you receive 5 sample-sized products but are you really going to really love every product in the box? Bloggers and Vloggers have jumped on the bandwagon making monthly reviews on the products itself online with Glossy Box.

Boxy Charm
Boxy Charm is another monthly subscription box focused in America. Instead on tiny little samples, Boxy charm sends out 4 to 5 full-size beauty items from makeup to skincare and beauty tools. This subscription service costs $21 monthly and is only sent out to America and Canada.

Boxy Charm does focus a lot on digital media to promote their product. Being a reader of blogs and a viewer of Vloggers, this particular subscription box has sent boxes out to popular influencers to gain reviews. KathleenLights on YouTube with over 3 million subscribers uploads her reviews every month online because of her love for the subscription box plus the contentious freebies for her every month!

Birch Box
Birch Box does not only focus on keeping women happy but in 2012 men Birch Boxes were available and sent out to male bloggers and YouTubers. Birch Boxes mission is to help customers find products they love. The subscription service costs £10 monthly + £2.95 P&P which is fairly similar to Glossy Box right?

The difference here is that Birch Box offers anyone with a relevant YouTube, blog or Instagram to apply to the Affiliate Programme. Its costs nothing to sign up and you are able to start earning money through commission. 

So are these subscription boxes worth it? Yes and No. It's something to look forward to every month plus its cheaper than buying full-size products. However, if your ever lurking around boots you are more than likely to get bombarded with samples for free so your saving £10 a month. The products are different every month, and personally, I would prefer to receive free samples and spend the money on a full sized product I would continue to purchase in future.

In some of these subscription boxes, a lot of the colours of the products aren’t suited to you. For example, if you have quite porcelain skin, most samples that are sent out are usually more of a nude colour. Also, nail varnish some people can be quite picky on what colour they like to wear, so if it doesn’t suit their liking they are probably going to ditch it.

Thanks for reading, what do you think about the beauty subscription industry?



  1. These just don't float my boat - I'd rather save the £10 each month and buy a Tom Ford exclusive perfume or something. Would you ever subscribe? I do have a flower subscription with Bloom and Wild, and I was also intrigued by the bacon by post, but at least you know what you're getting there. Talking of subscription boxes, this made me simultaneously laugh and scream:

    I suppose there must be a market for it, but, please, just don't patronise us. What do you think of that one?

  2. I would subscribe to one of these to try it out but i know myself i would end up liking 1/5 products!! Seems like a waste of money and id rather spend it on a full sized product like yourself.
    Pink Parcel sounds silly! Taking a subscription box and turning it into something thats part of your monthly cycle. There must be a market for it, but it certainly doesn't float my boat.