Wednesday, 3 May 2017


In press, there has been a lot of controversy about Charlotte Tilbury’s attitude towards the whole beauty industry. Since Charlotte was young, she has always seen makeup as a necessity in everyday life. She says it gives her the ‘wow’ factor and she feels wow about herself when she wears it and looks in the mirror. Even when it comes to opening the door for the postman, Charlotte has to put a quick touch of mascara or Charlotte Tilbury ‘colour chameleon’ eye shadow pencil for a quick do up. She wants to be the best version of herself, and wants it all of the time 24 hours a day. She wants to enhance the features she was born with every minute so when she does have a quick glance in the mirrored reflection, she feels good about herself.

Charlotte Tilbury has always dreamt of having a successful beauty brand. And for a brand only being two and a half years old, products have been releasing constantly and being hyped up by bloggers and YouTubers. Charlotte had seen a gap in the market for what she wanted to do, so she went for it.

New ‘Scent Of A Dream’ perfume, Charlotte Tilbury’s first perfume has been focused a lot on social media platforms. The perfume was sent out to popular bloggers and Vloggers as part of a PR package to review the product. Celebrity Kate Moss being the face of the campaign, it one of Charlottes Tilbury’s well known face of the brand. Charlotte and Kate have a close relationship, which makes working together not seem like work!

If anyone is interested in learning more about Kate Moss and Charlotte Tilbury’s collaboration hears a quick interview

The Charlotte Tilbury fragrance launch invited bloggers and Vloggers to London’s Covent Garden. Guests were given cocktails supplied by the expensive vodka brand Belvedere to sip on through the night.  

So was this campaign a make or break for the brand? Yes. More and more people young people are becoming aware of the brand due to watching these Vloggers and bloggers mentioning brands daily. Charlotte Tilbury’s products have been known for creating good products for the price, so why not treat yourself to a product to try out. Samples are also on offer in stores if you want to try before you buy.

In my opinion, Charlotte Tilbury is a very staple brand. If it wasnt for the promotions on Digital Media, I probably wouldnt know about the products myself as well as I do now. I dont personally own any products from the brand but im always browsing the stalls when I see one! 

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  1. Have you tried any products from the range? I like the matte lipsticks a lot, but that perfume absolutely reeks - it smells like cheap hairspray! A triumph of branding and clever marketing over substance. (Also, Tillers is a stone cold mental.)

  2. Ive never tried any products but I'm always browsing the counter when i see one! Ive heard the lipsticks are a hit - i should definitely add it to my list!